My voice demos: SoundCloud

The audio softwares I currently use are Audacity, Levelator and GarageBand. Professional microphone and other materials, including a audio room are in process.

For audio-book narration, animations, cartoons, commercials, e-learning, video games and others.

Description  of My Voice:

Gender: Female, male

Genre: Any; Fiction and Non-Fiction

Accent: American general and southern. British and Scottish.

Language: English, French and Arabic

Voice age: Any; Young child, tween, teenager, adult, middle aged and elderly.

Vocal Styles: Announcer, child-like, comedic, deadpan, engaging, enthusiastic, excited, feminine, sheepish, flirtatious, frightened, terrified,  girlish, sarcastic, snarky, spooky, storyteller, sophisticated and others.

Impressions: Many animated and cartoons characters.

Project length: Any

**Contact me for more information.