Ventura Sensation

Finally, I’m back with another great interview. You may know Ryan Frailich from one of my previous interviews as the musician going solo. Now he is in a band called “Ventura Sensation” with his buddies Colin the drummer and Josh the bass player. They have known each other since high school. This isn’t the first band they formed together, years ago they formed the band called “The Aquadolls.”

On July 4th their first single titled, “Summer of Love” will be released. I had the honor to be the first to write about this band and their first upcoming single. I really hope each of you get to know each band member individually and get a vibe of what their music would be like. Be prepared to listen to greatness from these amazing artists!

“Summer of Love” Photo Shoot

ūüé∂Who are your biggest influences in your music?

Ryan: I have a lot of influences, but right now I’d have to say Faith Hill and Tim McGraw. I’m also into Harry Styles, Gwen Stefani, Kings of Leon, Elvis Presley, Dolly Parton, and Greta Van Fleet right now.

Colin: I’m a really big Classic Rock fan, so anybody from that genre to be honest. David Bowie, Led Zeppelin, Rod Stewart, Todd Rundgren, Fleetwood Mac‚Ķ Just to name a few.

Josh: Primus, Radiohead, and Rolling Stones.

ūüéĶ This question is for Ryan. What made you decide to get into a band after being solo?

Ryan: Honestly, for a while I was trying¬†to¬†make songs on my laptop but I realized it wasn’t for me. I missed the sound of real instruments and playing my guitar. I had just started hanging out with Josh and Colin again and I thought, “Hey, why not¬†start a band?”. I am still going to release solo music, along with Ventura¬†Sensation.

ūüéłWhat does your band name mean and how was it formed?

Ryan: Colin actually came up with the band name. We had been¬†texting¬†different ideas in our group chat and one day I asked, “Hey shoot over some band names, whatever comes to¬†your¬†head” and the first thing Colin replies is “Ventura Sensation”. I immediately checked Instagram for the username and it was available. It was the same case for other social media sites and that’s when I knew we had something special.

Colin: Haha that’s a funny one. I guess I actually created it. I was sitting in a theater one day waiting for the movie to start when Ryan texted Josh and I to start thinking of band names.¬† He said he wanted it to sound ‘beachy’ and very ‘Southern Californian’. Ventura was on my mind after listening to Ventura Highway by America on the way to the theater, so I just added the ‘Sensation’ part to it.¬† It was kind of a joke, but it seemed like people liked it, so we stuck with it.

ūü•ĀHow did y‚Äôall first meet?

Ryan: I first met Josh in high school and we jammed a little back then, but it wasn’t until after we graduated that we really got to know one another and started to play music more steadily. Colin went¬†to¬†the same school but I didn’t meet him until I started hanging out with Josh and his gang. This was all around the summer ’12 when we all got together¬†and¬†formed our first band The Aquadolls.

Colin: Hmm. Well I guess technically we met back in high school, but we didn’t really start hanging out and jamming until we were in College. Josh and Ryan were already musically together, and I later came in on drums. Its was actually Ryan’s ex that encouraged me to start playing drums, and well, the rest is history I guess.

Josh: We met in High School.

ūüé§Do you plan on going on tour together?

Ryan: Yes, we¬†definitely¬†plan on going on tour together. We have a lot of¬†groundwork¬†to do in¬†terms of writing, recording, rehearsing, and playing shows but that’s all a part of the journey to hopefully get to tour someday.

Colin: I would love to! But only if its right and there’s enough of an interest.

Josh: Hopefully!

ūüéĻHow‚Äôs your songwriting process like so far?

Ryan: We have only worked on one Ventura Sensation song¬†together so far, which is¬†our single “Summer of Love”. I wrote that song and brought it to Josh¬†and Colin who immediately added their magic touch. We recorded it at Route 2 Recording Studios in LA this past February. As of late, we have been finishing the song at Josh’s Tanglewood Studios in Orange County. We plan on¬†releasing the¬†song on July 4th, you know put it out with a bang. But in terms of our songwriting process, I would say the sky is the limit for us. We are just now starting to write songs together and I think¬†Josh, Colin, and I can¬†all¬†agree¬†that there is some kind of magic spark between us, and that’s¬†probably the main reason why we decided to go ahead and start another band in the first¬†place.

Colin: Well, you can mostly attribute that to Ryan. He’s the real master songwriter in our group. Once he has a song, he’ll usually play it for Josh and I to get our input.¬† It’s really nice, because he strongly encourages us to add our own ‘feel’ to it and get our opinion on what we like and don’t like.¬† Although he writes the initial song, he really turns it into a group effort in the end. Which I really appreciate.

Josh: Collaboration and individually.


ūüéľWhich genre of music do you consider your work to be?

Ryan: I would consider our music to be rock n roll but not without a vast variety of influences from all genres.

Colin: I guess to keep it simple, Rock, but with a very ‘Southern Californian’ vibe.¬† One thing I really wanted was to play a type of music that anybody could listen to. I think so far, we’ve done that.

Josh: Rock!

ūüéßHow do you decide together which designs to go with for your band merch?

Ryan: It’s pretty simple, we just go over the¬†designs as a band and pick whichever one we all agree on. We are all really laid-back when it comes to decisions about¬†merch, which is cool.

Colin: Ryan really created it.¬† Like his songwriting, he asked us what we liked/wanted in our design and we all contributed our thoughts and ideas. I told him I wanted a very 70s look and feel to it and he seemed to like that idea. He sent us some rough sketches, we made our comments on what we liked/didn’t like and that’s pretty much it.

Josh: Through group discussions.

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ūüé∂What inspired y‚Äôall to make music together?

Ryan: In my opinion, what inspired us to make music together again is the fact that we had done it before and had such a blast doing it. With The Aquadolls, we got to play a bunch of shows, tour, and have some really cool experiences. I think we were all missing the lifestyle of being in a band and itching to play music again, at least I know I was.

Colin: Well it all started with the previous band we were in. While we really enjoyed playing in it, I think all three of us knew that there was something between us that wasn’t getting through in that band.¬† I always really enjoyed Ryan’s songwriting and loved playing his songs whenever we would jam.¬† It just came across so natural for all of us.¬† A couple of years after that previous band broke up, Ryan sparked up the idea of jamming again, and once again it just came across so naturally for us to do something; create the band that we couldn’t before. And it helps that there was a lot less pressure this time.

Josh: Great vibes!

ūüéĶWhich brand(s) of instruments you each prefer to play when performing?

Ryan: In the past, I¬†always¬†played Fender guitars. More recently, I have gotten into Gibson and I am looking to get something from them as my¬†new¬†guitar of choice. I’d say those two brands are my favorite.

Colin: For drums, I’m a big fan of Ludwig kits, I guess with Zildjian cymbals.¬† I’m not too picky when it comes to drum kits. As long as it sounds good, that’s all I really care about in the end.

Josh: Rickenbacker 4003 (bass guitar).

ūüéłWhat advice do you have for people who want to form their own bands?

Ryan: Do it. Get together and just have a great time. Playing music is such a special thing, I think anyone interested in playing music or forming a band should do it, but do it because you love it.

Colin: Just do it. But do it for the right reasons. The music.¬† Don’t think about trying to be ‘famous’ or ‘make it big’. Just think about writing cool songs and having fun in the process.¬† That’s all that really matters in the end.

Josh: Stay positive and never give up.

ūü•ĀHow can fans-to-be gain access to your upcoming music?

Ryan: Well “Summer of Love” comes out July 4th and you will be able to stream that on¬†Apple Music, Spotify, and iTunes.

Colin: Well, we hope to have our songs up on all the major streaming services; Spotify, Apple Music… We also have a YouTube page where you can access some of our music/music videos, but following us on Instagram would be the best way to keep up to date with what were up to.

Josh: Stay tuned!

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