Indoor Herbs Garden

🌱Are you planning to grow your own herbs? If you said yes then this will be a helpful read for you. As a beginner in gardening it is not easy to know how to start. I will provide you with tips on how to start and keep your plants alive. Some may ask why grow my own herbs when I could easily buy at the local market. Growing your own herbs is a great way to know that no bad chemicals are added, purely organic. Also, instead of going to the market many times you can easily save money and time by growing them in your own home kitchen. Herbs have a lot of health benefits, so simply putting it as a garnish on your meal is a great to do so.

🍃The first step to start an indoor herbs garden is to chose which kinds of herbs you would like to grow. There are many kinds of herbs, like basil, parsley, cilantro and so on. I recommend starting with one herb plant first, that you use mostly, to get the hang of it then move on to the next. Some garden shops provide plants already in a pot with holes on the bottom so that is good for plants healthy growth. Also, start with an already grown plant, about four inches tall plant. Using seeds is fine, but you will have to have enough patience to wait for a few months in order to use it for your cooking. Whichever suits you!

🌿Second is lighting, which is extremely important. No it is not for your plant to use for selfies. If your kitchen has sunlight coming through windows well that’s great for your plant to stay near. If there is no sunlight in your kitchen or any other room don’t worry, just use a plant light. You can purchase the lightbulb with holder, that faces the plant at a specific height, at a local store or if you’re lucky to find it at a thrift shop for cheap, which I surprisingly found.

🌱Third is watering your plant well. Check your plant’s soil very often by touching the soil, if it is dry then add water. Fertilizer is not needed. Lastly, now you can finally prune out the herb to cook with. If you need a few leaves for garnish you can easily pull the leaves, but more than a few you can use any scissor by cutting at a 45 degree angle under leaves you want to use. Whenever you see any dead or damaged leaves, basically if it turns brown or there are black spots, it should be cut off so it would not spread to other leaves. There is no better feeling in picking my own herbs knowing it is in good hands and safe to eat.

I hope these tips are very helpful in starting your own indoor herbs garden to use in your everyday cooking. If you have any questions please ask away. Happy gardening!🌿

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