Ryan Frailich

Ryan at a record store in Laguna beach. Photo by @kacieta

The former band member of The Aquadolls, Ryan Frailich, is going solo. Now he can finally put his own spin to his beats and lyrics into his own unique style. Also, singing his own songs. His first new single “Beauty Queen” released recently and it is definitely completely different, but in a good way. 

The sound is old school like, classic and I could think of some ’50s musicians in that style. The guitar riffs and drums is what makes it unique than the other music he created, along with others in the past. His vocals fit really well with the sound to me. The lyrics is beautifully written, it tells a story and almost nostalgic. It seems to express a vibe of watching a romantic ’80s movie. Listening to this got me thinking I am glad he chose to go solo to start a new chapter, creating personal songs he hasn’t got the chance to let others listen to. 

♦️Summarize your journey in becoming a musician so far. Did you go to music school? 

Ryan: I started playing music in high school. I did not go to music school.

♦️What do you like most and/or least of your career?

Ryan: What I like most about my career is the whole process of writing, recording and performing music. What I like least would have to be the social media aspect of having to promote yourself. 

♦️What inspired your recent single Beauty Queen?

Ryan: What inspired my song “Beauty Queen” was a ’50s riff my friend played on guitar, mixed with the movie Grease and past relationships. 

♦️How do you describe your solo music compared to other music you’ve created with others?

Ryan: I would describe my solo music as more personal compared to the music I’ve made with others. 

♦️What was your most embarrassing moment(s) when performing? And how do you handle mistakes while performing?

Ryan: The most embarrassing moment I had while performing would have to be whenever I would break a guitar string. I handle mistakes while performing by just making sure I finish the song all the way through.

♦️If you went to a music store which albums would you most likely buy? Specific band, music genre or other.

Ryan: If I went to a music store I’d buy albums of all different genres like pop, rap, rock and dance.

♦️Who are your influences growing up and/or currently? 

Ryan: My influences growing up were Red Hot Chili Peppers and Nirvana. My current influences are a lot of female singers like Jorja Smith, Camilla Cabello and Kali Uchis. 

♦️Describe current instruments you have. Any you’re obsessed with?

Ryan: The current instruments I have are an electric, acoustic guitar, midi keyboard and music production software. I am obsessed with all of it.

♦️As a former band member of The Aquadolls, how’s it come to the decision to go solo? 

Ryan: I came to the decision to go solo when I knew I had to focus on my own music. 

♦️Is your family musical as well or not?

Ryan: My family is very musical in that they love to listen to music and have great taste. 

♦️Do you plan to go on tour? 

Ryan: Yes, I plan to go on tour once I release a proper album.

Beauty Queen
Listen to Beauty Queen by Ryan Frailich

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