Nina Nesbitt: New Song & Video

The new single, “The Moments I’m Missing” is written, sang and produced by Nina Nesbitt. At just seventeen years old she was discovered by Ed Sheeran and soon became one of the top best artists in the U.K. in 2014. Her unique style of creating songs with catchy melodies and well written lyrics is by far talented. For this single she collaborated with the R&B singer Goody Grace, which is a great way for him to add his story to the song. At a young age she entered into fame at a fast pace unexpectedly, so she missed some moments in life and been through a lot growing up, now at age twenty three she expresses her feelings of how it was like into a song creatively. You could tell she put her true emotions into this project. The music video was brought to life by director Daniel Alexander Harris and producer Fred Bonham Carter, along with the help of her supportive crew.

This song is really for anyone to listen to. There are moments in the past we each look back to and wonder how then we did not think much of it. Now as we are getting older we realize how much we missed it and wish to go back to appreciate those moments, especially with others. Growing up too fast, thinking about the future, instead of the present.


Nina Nesbitt – The Moments I’m Missing (feat. Goody Grace)

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