Aly and AJ: Finally New Music! 

I have been a fan of Aly and AJ ever since they have appeared on Disney and made songs through Hollywood records. The transition from childhood stars to adulthood is definitely not easy, especially in the music industry. Growing up they have been through a lot, of course. After ten years the emotion they have put into their new song called “Take Me” really expresses who they are as people. Also, their skills in producing music and vocals really has grown. It is similar vibe and situation like Hilary Duff, but different talented people.

I am not going to forget to mention that they did create a song called “Hot House” when they formed a band called 78Violet. To me this song really shows their relationship as sisters, looking out for each other. The reason why they went from 78Violet and back to Aly and AJ is because at first they tried to separate themselves from the childhood stars people look forward to, then they decided to go back to their original name. AJ said in a recent interview, “We wanted to go back to our roots.” The song they regret doing is “Whoa” because of “the lyrics and sound just wasn’t us” said AJ.

Their vocals work really well together, it is great for them to come back after a long hiatus.

Scene from recent YouTube video
Scene from recent YouTube video

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