Songs are discovered differently, each person has their own story.

I accidentally found out about Ezkiel when his song ‘Captive’ automatically played on SoundCloud when a song I was listening to finished playing. I’m thankful that happened because the sound and lyrics captured my attention that I repeated it a few times…well non-stop. I had to listen to the rest of his music and get to know the music genius behind it all.

Ezkiel is a Mexican-American musician in Chicago. He attended Columbia College Chicago, graduated with degrees in music business and entertainment law. Also, he is such a babe, his voice, his pure loving soul, his passion for music and basically everything about him…wow! You all have been warned that he is mind blowing talented, definitely the next great artist that every artist should look out for.

After reading this interview I recommend you all to listen to his songs.


Summarize your journey in becoming a musician so far. Did you go to music school? If yes, what was your experience like & what advice you’d give current students there?

Ezkiel: My journey has been a blessing. I find answers to life in what I do and I’m grateful for that. All my musical teachings have come from many different directions. My advice is to forever be a student of your craft and life. I’m still learning and I always will be.


What do you like most and/or least of your career?

Ezkiel: I love the freedom. I can bring any abstract idea, concept, emotion and others into a tangible thing and that’s liberating.


What inspired your recent songs?  

Ezkiel: Life. All my songs are me interpreting life as it comes at me.


What was your most embarrassing moment when performing? 

Ezkiel: I haven’t had one yet thankfully.


If you went to a music store which albums you’d most likely buy? Specific band, music genre or other.

Ezkiel: I would probably buy an album from Coldplay, Daft Punk, Kanye and Michael Jackson, also anything Pharrell and Timbaland produced.


Who are your influences? 

Ezkiel: Songs influence me, not artists and genres.


What makes your music unique than the others? 

Ezkiel: My heritage background and my love for songs, rather than genre and artist makes for a deeper sound.


How do you handle mistakes during a performance?

Ezkiel: I learn to love them and learn from them because the show must go on.


How was it like creating your music video(s)? Any behind the scenes you’d like your fans to know. 

Ezkiel: It’s been a beautiful learning experience. Visuals always give me the opportunity to give the music a deeper meaning. Fun fact: The ‘Captive’ video was filmed in one shot. It took us six times to get it right.


Do you write your own songs? 

Ezkiel: I write and executive produce everything. It’s all made in house with my close group of friends.


Describe how your current studio is like.

Ezkiel: I have three studios I go to depending on what I’m doing and who I’m working with.




Scene from ‘Around’ music video.

Colored outside the lines with this one. “West End” @jessedraxler and @yophotography

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