Jimmy’s Pizza Café

This is not like any other ordinary café, they also have New York style pizza. If you like thin crust and to fold pizza then this is the right place to go to. If you’ve never tried it, you should! 

Another cold day in the city, walking to a library to meet up with an old friend I met in middle school. Yeah it has been so long, we are both now in college. Thanks to social media for us finding each other. She traveled back here from California to stop by before she heads to college in a different city. We planned to go to a bakery, but they closed because it was Black Friday that day. While many went to catch up with the sales, we did not care for that, just took the time to catch up with each other instead. 

Then we decided to go to a pizza café that I have went many times, I lost count. It was her first time there. We both ordered the BBQ chicken pizzas and in her words after one bite she said, “Mmmm this is so delicious…like so good…” That explains how good it is. The atmosphere of the café is calming and chill. The staff are professional, respecting customers and know the menu well. Looking out the large windows we see cars driving by and people crossing the streets. It was great place to go to and chat about how we’ve been all these years, even though in our own words “it feels like we’ve known each other all these years.” We hope to meet again and try something else new.

Cheese pizza
BBQ chicken pizza

Order at: https://m.facebook.com/jimmyspizzacafe/

4 thoughts on “Jimmy’s Pizza Café

  1. Looks yummy! Reconnecting with old friends is wonderful. A group of us from high school have all recently reconnected and get together every few months. I haven’t seen some of these ladies for over 40 years.

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