R.I.P. Chester Bennington 

Sadly, its been about three weeks since Chester has passed away.

It’s hard writing this because he died so soon and unexpectedly. He was an incredible musican and singer for the band Linkin Park. It is a sad time for his family, friends, band members, fans and others. He committed suicide the same day Chris Cornell, from Soundgarden, could have been fifty three years old. They both were close, which his death saddened Chester deeply. We don’t know every details of his life, of course, so it’s hard to not jump into conclusions of why.

Not only do I want to talk about Chester’s suicide, I want to bring up the serious issue of anyone dealing with depression and/or substance abuse, especially men.

Growing up they have been told not to cry, to man up and not express how they truly feel because it is seen as weak and acting “like a girl.” Their feelings get bottled up inside to the point were they become violent, angry and other ways that should not happen. The sad thing is that not many people realize this.

Everyone should take the time to do simple things that will mean a lot to others. Help others in need and contact your friends, check up on them regularly. It could be anyone, a classmate getting bullied, a co-worker dealing with grief or whoever. Keep in mind that how much love and help you give to others could mean everything to someone, but not enough to someone else. Depression is not easy to understand, it is not just feeling sad for awhile, it is worse. To those who lost a friend or someone close to them to suicide know that it is not your fault and you did enough. Everyone deals with grief differently, either visiting the person’s grave, putting flowers or saying a prayer, which I respect every way. 

I really hope each of you reading this are doing well.

One thought on “R.I.P. Chester Bennington 

  1. Everyone seems to be committing suicide now: this is truly a serious problem. I just can’t imagine the type of anguish someone would have to be in to actually want to take their own life. This is a topic that needs to be discussed more, and I’m glad you’re doing your part.

    Also, I like that you brought up suicide in men. While women attempt suicide more often, men succeed in killing themselves far more frequently than women. People oftentimes don’t realize there’s a problem until it’s too late, because like you said we’re taught to never display negative feelings in public. We’re taught that men are supposed to ‘drink away’ their sorrows, which just makes the problem worse.

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