In this first interview I chose the hilarious, and obviously handsome, K-von. I asked him questions that you will want to know the answers to. He is not only funny, but a successful actor, TV host and writer as well. I first discovered him in a Laugh Factory video online and started laughing my head off. Once I stumbled upon his channel, the laughter continued. Comedy brings people from different cultural backgrounds together in a positive way, so I’m excited for this opportunity and hope each of you have a good laugh from reading this as well.

Here it goes…

-Which place do you enjoy being at during your tours and why?

K: Sacramento is by far the best city in America. It is far enough away from the big city of San Francisco that parking is free, hotels are large and the crowds are big. They appreciate you more in smaller cities because that is the one thing they are coming to do that night. See your show. In other cities you may be just one of many activities that night. Just like a classy middle-eastern woman, I prefer to be ‘the destination’ not just a ‘pit stop’ for a little fun.

-Persian food tip(s)?

K: I try to only eat Persian food when showing new people the culture. The rest of the time I eat like a bird. Fresh vegetables. Yogurt. That is all I eat which is why I don’t have a big kabob belly. The persian side dishes make for wonderful year round meals. If you eat bread and kabob nightly it will slow you down.

-Summarize how you became a stand up comedian?

K: Watching standup comedians as a kid I told myself that one day I would grow up and do that. After turning 25 and making a lot of money in the corporate world I finally had the safety cushion I needed to take that leap. To anyone that thinks they want to try, remember; comedy is not easy.

If you study and become a doctor, you are a doctor. But you can be a comedian for decades and you are only as good as the audience and hiring parties “decide” you are.

-Do you write your own routines or not?

K: All successful comedians write their own stories or routines. Some of the very famous ones hire a side writer to help them. We do not tell other peoples’ jokes on stage. That is a quick way to get shunned from the business.

-What do you do when audience doesn’t laugh? (I bet that didn’t happen)

K: The better you get at comedy the more you try to push the envelope. In the beginning you write easier jokes that get easier laughs. As you get more skilled you may try a joke on a topic that isn’t funny on the surface but you are attempting to make your audience think a new way. So, the harder you push yourself in that direction, the more chance the audience won’t laugh. You can’t be fearful of that. You just keep tinkering and you can get it right. There are jokes in my act that I call “Difficulty Level 10” and I would dare say many couldn’t even think of them, let alone get a crowd of strangers to laugh about it.

-What did you want your audience to learn from your movie NOWRUZ: Lost & Found?

K: Anyone that likes comedy and culture should just go on www.GoFundMe.com/NOWRUZ, order it and watch it. This is a custom tour deep into a culture. And unlike boring history lessons, you get to laugh the entire journey.

-What are your hobbies?

K: Comedy is more than a full time job, it is a lifestyle. Writing, filming , auditioning, editing, traveling, rubbing elbows and showcasing for corporate events, there is very little time for anything else. I prefer to swim, go to the gym and spend my remaining free days in Las Vegas and Hawaii each year.

-Tell a childhood story that involves your brother. I’ve heard some in a interview, is there more you’d like to share.

K: Well my brother went into dental school and is now very successful. That is why I do comedy. I now know I have a retirement plan! I have yet to tell him, so he will find out when he reads this. Ladies should also know my brother is one inch taller and 10% more handsome. So catch him while you can otherwise you are stuck with me.

-Any comedians who inspired you?

K: George Carlin was the greatest comedian of all time. Maz Jobrani is like a big brother to me. And the rest are peers that I like and admire, but the great thing is I can focus on just telling my own stories in the funniest ways possible. That is where I put all my focus.

-Tips/advice to those who want to become a stand up comedian, start a movie or other?

K: As the famous saying goes (because it is so true), I would highly recommend you “DON’T QUIT YOUR DAY JOB” until you are two years into comedy because you really want to make sure it is what you want to do.

You will likely lose your girlfriend, your dog, your house, your job and many of your friends. If you still like it, then comedy is for you. (And if you decide it’s not you can now easily write a country music song!)

-How have you dealt with hecklers? Tell a crazy heckler moment(s) you’d like to share.

K: Well part of dealing with hecklers is you have to shut them down so they don’t think they can take control and are better than you. It usually involves whatever they just said about you and turn it around on them to make everyone laugh and put them in tears. It is also funny at the moment, but if I explain it in writing I just come off looking like the bad guy. Persian crowds typically have hecklers that come up after the show to give you a piece of their mind. I like to make sure they know their opinion does not matter. This is not a YELP review. I do not care if you are offended by one joke. Focus on the other 50 you heard that night.

-Tell the most hilarious and/or embarrassing moment(s) on stage you’d like to share.

K: Someone handed me a water bottle before I went on stage. I put it on my lap and then they announced, “PLEASE WELCOME THE MOST FAMOUS HALF PERSIAN COMEDIAN IN THE WORLD, K-VONNNNNN!” 

I grabbed my water bottle and walked out waving to the huge crowd. They were already laughing and I had no clue why, then one person pointed. I looked down and the cold water bottle had left a wet spot on my pants. It looked like I had peed my pants very hard before walking onto the stage. There was no way to dry it. 

You and I know it was just from a cold wet water bottle…but the audience thought I was very nervous to face them. I had to rub and rub my pants to try to dry it while the audience watched. I put my hips forward and aimed my pants at the spotlight to dry it faster while I talked to the crowd. 

Some of the older generation in the front row were very religious and they covered their eyes. After the show they explained how offended they were that I did that. I explained to them what I said above “I don’t care if you are offended.” From that day on I always ask for a ROOM TEMPERATURE water bottle so there is no large wet spot.

-Where can we see all your videos?

K: I have 200 hilarious videos on www.facebook.com/KvonComedy and http://www.youtube.com/KvonComedy

Also my website www.K-vonComedy.com has many tour dates so come check me out. The jokes will be funny and I promise you there will be no wet spot except for YOUR SEAT this time.
(*The first 5 people to write me through my website and mention this article will get 2 free tix to my next comedy club show)



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