Seared Scallops 

photo 3 (14).JPG

Makes 3 scallops


3 Fresh Scallops
1 tsp Olive oil
1 tsp Butter
A pitch of black pepper
Half a Lime
1 tsp Soy Sauce


Cooking Utensil

photo 2 (13).JPG
Scallops with some ingredients and materials.

photo 1 (13).JPG
Fresh scallops.

**What are Scallops?

They are seafood found in clams.

Clams (not my photo).

1) Put the olive oil and butter onto the pan, then put the heat to medium high.
2) Put each scallops onto the pan.
3) Sear each side for about one minute or until its golden brown.

photo 4 (13).JPG
One side of scallops seared.

4) When finished searing both sides of scallops, turn off heat and put the scallops on a plate carefully.


photo 2 (14).JPG
Scallops done searing and inside of a scallop.

5) Put a little black pepper, lemon and soy sauce on the seared scallops.


photo 5 (13).JPG

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