Crunch Sushi! 

photo 2 (6)

*This makes about 6 rolls of Sushi!

Ingredients for Sushi:

6 Nori (dry seaweed sheets)

12 Crab Imitation

12 thin slices of cucumbers and carrots

12 Slices of Cream cheese (optional)

12 slices Pineapple (optional)

Sushi rice

 Rice Vinegar



Water in small bowl

Vegetable Oil

photo 1 (4).JPG

Ingredients for Tempura Batter: 

1 cup Water

1 cup of All-Purpose Flour

1 Egg

Other Things Needed:

6 Plastic Wraps to fit rolling mat and wrap each sushi

Sushi Roller Mat (bamboo)

Wooden Spoon

Large bowl

Small bowl for water



2 or 3 Large plates

Large Metal Spoon

Deep Fry (Small Pot)


1) Cook the Sushi rice based on the instruction on the bag.
2) While sushi rice is cooking, start slicing the cucumbers, carrots and pineapple/cream cheese (optional).
3) Once finished slicing put them on a plate, then check if sushi rice is finished or not (if the sushi rice is hard then it is not cooked yet).
4) Once the sushi rice is done cooking, turn off the heat and put it in a big bowl with the wooden spoon slowly by being careful with the heat.
5) Add about 2 TBS of rice vinegar, 2 TBS sugar and a pitch of salt.
6) Mix the sushi rice with the other ingredients slowly with the wooden spoon until well mixed.
7) Then take the rolling mat and lay it on the table with a plastic wrap on top.
8) Put one Nori sheet on the plastic wrap. Take a few spoons of rice on the Nori until you leave a little space on the top of Nori (for rolling sushi, make sure not too much rice added).
9) Add whatever ingredients you want in the middle of sushi roll. (I put slices of cream cheese, cucumber, carrot and crab/shrimp).


photo 2 (3)
Inside the Sushi roll, on rolling mat.

10) To roll it, first grab the rolling mat and plastic wrap then take it over the ingredients in the middle a little tightly. Then put a little water at the top of the Nori (where there is no rice) to glue the roll together. Roll it and tightly hold it together.
11) Take the rolling mat out and keep the plastic wrap on the roll to keep its shape. Put the rolls on a plate.
12) Repeat steps 7-11 until you finish with all rice or Nori sheets.
13) Tempura batter is to make the Crunch. Mix the ingredients for the tempura batter stated above.
14) Take off each plastic wrap from each roll carefully and then cut each roll in half with a knife (with water on it, so it would be easier to slice). Put each half in the batter and roll it around until all sides is covered with the batter. Wash your hands from the batter.

photo 2 (4)
Sushi roll and Tempura batter.

15) Turn on stove to high then take a small pot on the stove top and add vegetable oil filled half way. Take a plate, put it next to pot on a table or other stove top (that is not on) and put a few napkins on plate to drain oil from sushi rolls after fried.
16) Once oil bubbles a little, put the heat lower to medium. Then take each sushi half one by one with a large spoon until pot is full to fry each side until it is brown.

photo 3 (3)
Sushi rolls with tempura frying.

17) Put each finished rolls on the plate with napkins carefully with a large spoon.

photo 4 (3)
Sushi rolls after frying.

18) Let the rolls cool for about four minutes, then cut each half rolls into five pieces of sushi with a knife with water on it.
19) Put each sushi pieces carefully on a plate with a small bowl of soy sauce.
20) Enjoy!

photo 5 (3)
Sushi rolls cut into pieces.

photo 3 (4).JPG


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